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Max-bd Pest Control Service is a locally-owned, family-run pest and animal control company serving pest and rodent controll service all over Bangladesh and beyond since 2000. We specialize in exterminators who provide best pest treatment for residential, industrial, and commercial customers. Our combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments is highly effective against all types of rodents, bed bugs and mosquitoes, pot and carving insects. We can safely remove this unwanted guest from your home or workplace.

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What is pest control service :

Some people think of bugs or insects when they hear the word "worm", others think of rakun, beef, mouse or rat (in some cases even the deer may fit in the "insect" section for some people!). So what is pest control service? A insect is a pest, ostrich or wild animal that is considered inevitable because they either attack people's homes or businesses, which increase the risk of contact with disease or illness. Therefore, it will prevent pest control management or remove insects from home or business premises. Management or control insects can be done with many methods. Their killings are often completed (using the services of an arbitrator or using it manually), but human pest control service is also available. This includes the use of pest prevention or withdrawal sounds, and include changes in property to prevent pest access. Preventing a pest problem is far better than dealing with what has already happened ... but if the problem is already present, there is no way around it: insects must first be removed.

Pest control service and wildlife primarily enter the building to find food, shelter, and warmth. Typically damaged areas are atic, basement and roof. Householders are sure that they are attractive to insects - for example, we can keep our spaces clean and incomprehensible without the easily hidden space. Likewise, outside the home area, we are certain that we do not maintain the woodwork or other objects near the house and we keep the branches from the house prune away from home. We can seal up any obvious areas where insects might try to enter

Our highly trained pest control service experts will assist you in the process with the Bangladesh of a personalized treatment plan of remove insects from home tailored to your specific needs. Let us put an end to your pest problems. Call us today to get a free quote.